Fleetwood Mask - Fleetwood Mac Tribute Band California

Fleetwood Mask a Fleetwood Mac Tribute Band

@Cisco Rocks

Hello, Did you play outside at Cisco’s Levi Stadium event last night? I’m a ginormous Fleetwood Mac tribute band fan and I swore I was hearing the real FM play live! If it was your band… you killed it!

“OH MY! We haven’t heard a crowd go that crazy in 4 years of music promotion!”  ~ on Fleetwood Mask performance in Lafayette, CA Tom Stack

Lafayette Town Hall Theatre

Fleetwood Mask

“I can tell you that the town is a buzz this morning about your show. Y’ALL ROCKED IT! “

Dedi Rountree

West Texas Radio, Midland, TX

Upcoming Performances

May 2016

05/28/2016, Saturday – Vezerstock 2016 (Updated Start Time: 4:30pm) – Fairfield, CA

Jun 2016

06/04/2016, Saturday – Sweetwater Music Hall – Mill Valley, CA
06/24/2016, Friday – Blue Lake Casino & Hotel – Blue Lake, CA
06/25/2016, Saturday – Silo's Napa (2 Shows) – Napa, CA
06/29/2016, Wednesday – Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Summer Concert Series – Livermore, CA

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