Fleetwood Mac tribute band at Rockbar DSC_8713“I haven’t seen so many people dancing in Pacific Grove at a Fleetwood Mac tribute band concert, ever!” – Marc Paulhus, Emcee and President, Foundation of Performing Arts Center Pacific Grove.

Lafayette Town Hall Theatre’s Tom Stack declared, “OH MY! We haven’t heard a crowd go that crazy in 4 years of music promotion!”

Felton Trout Farm states “By far this band is among the best when it comes to tributes. We were blown away by every note”

  • Looks like Stevie in a new band! Amazing!! ~ R.W.
  • Lots of fun smile emoticon. Really great vocals. Spot On!! ~ R.E.S.
    Wow! The place was packed!!!! ~ G.M.R.
  • I saw just now the MICK FLEETWOOD endorsement on your video, how AWESOME is that?? DOUBLE COOLNESS!!! LOL! LOVE IT. ~ B.J.


Monterey Herald November 4, 2014 – Beth Peerless wrote “Fleetwood Mask raises the bar for tribute bands”

Beth Peerless review for the Monterey Herald Entertainment section:

It’s not often a Fleetwood Mac tribute band attracts my attention. But luckily I was compelled to check out Fleetwood Mask’s performance at the Pacific Grove Performing Arts Center last Saturday. My friends and I all raved about how great the band sounded and how close they were to the original Fleetwood Mac, but with some room for individual talents to shine through.

The East Bay Area-based group’s strong suit is its Stevie Nicks character, who not only looks a lot like Stevie, but sounded almost spot-on like the legendary singer. Not to mention her amazing wardrobe, which depicted the gypsy woman persona with panache and style. I was entranced with the beautiful and glittery shawls and scarfs she used to illustrate a particular song’s mood and intention. Just gorgeous. Millenary and gloves with dripping chains also served to transport the audience to a believable experience. Emcee Marc Paulhus said after the band’s performance — and before the two-song encore — that he hadn’t seen so many people dancing in Pacific Grove at a concert, ever!

The band as a whole was really talented, and sounded wonderful in its historical journey through the early Fleetwood Mac material and into its latter-day mega hits. Loved hearing “Oh Well,” from the 1969 release “Then Play On”; “Tell Me All The Things You Do,” from the 1970 “Kiln House” album; and “Hypnotized” from 1970’s “Mystery To Me.” These were all albums I bought back in the day and played ad infinitum.

While I surely loved all Fleetwood Mac’s music up to a point, I have a soft spot in my heart for the early English blues-based music when Peter Green was in the band. But don’t get me wrong, the great Buckingham/Nicks contributions to the Los Angeles era of the band made for some really great listening — and dancing.



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