New Years Eve Jams

We enjoyed a really fun New Years Eve party with many local musicians and tribute band players.  Fleetwood Mask played a few sets and we had a mixed jam session that went until early in the new year.

The new year is shaping up to a big year for the band.  We already have festivals and club gigs lined up through the fall.  Our dedication to performing Fleetwood Mac’s songs as they were created is what people seem to like.  Early this month, we decided to add a second guitar and backup vocalist who can add more texture to our sound and fill in the complex arrangements that others laid down in the studio over the last 40 years.

We will expand our set lists bringing in more early Fleetwood Mac from the Peter Green and Bob Welch era.  We will add more new songs, too. With Stevie Nicks, Lindsey Buckingham and the full Fleetwood Mac band touring (less Christine McVie of course), there is a broad set of choices for us to create unique show compilations.

Thanks to everyone who has been with us through these years.  This coming year is going to be a great year for live music and a fantastic year for Fleetwood Mask, too!