To The Gypsies….That Remain…Tribute to Fleetwood Mac

It has been said that Stevie Nicks (Fleetwood Mac) is the Queen of Rock, a“ White Witch” and a true Gypsy . As part of a Fleetwood Mac tribute band, having met her I would say that in her “spell-binding presence” all of those statements, in their best possible light, would be true.

But what does it MEAN to play the character of this Rock and Roll High Priestess? A voice that is known by no other. Let’s start with the voice, shall we? I have always been a singer with a QUICK vibrato… always. Quick vibrato and a strong set of pipes. I have been told by many that I have always sounded like Stevie. So the vocal part was truly a gift bestowed on me. But the iconic fairy has a wardrobe most women would die for.. and I am no exception ! A lot of my shawls that I have are reproductions of what Stevie wears on stage…the glittery chiffon and silk fringe tassels that sparkle with every given movement.. the platform suede boots that would make any chiropractor cringe, the layers of silk chiffon skirts, beaded bustier’s and elegant tuxedo coats would spark any bohemian’s attention. The wardrobe part has been enlightening, to say the least, and I have been blessed with some amazing designers who take the words “ pays attention to detail” on a whole other level! So the costuming in itself has always set Stevie apart..never following the trends of fashion, but by being a fashion trend setter! Never losing sight of who she was, is, and will continue to become..her clothing, really, hasn’t changed!

Watch “Gypsy” by Fleetwood Mac tribute band, Fleetwood Mask

But there is more to “playing the character of Stevie” than dressing up in the costuming and singing the songs…how do you capture the ESSENCE??? How do you convince your audience that for a moment in time what they are seeing and hearing could truly be the real Ms. Nicks? What I have found playing this honored role is learning why Ms. Nicks wrote the songs she did and what was she FEELING at the time those songs were written. Landslide….Gypsy…Gold Dust Woman..all of them have a fascinating story behind them. By learning the background to these songs, I personally found myself in a realm unbeknownst to me. I have had women who were mystics, mediums and psychics, who have come up to me and asked “ How do you CHANNEL her??” Another gift, I suppose, but at the same time one of the BEST compliments I ever received! Once I know that the audience has been swept by the enchantment of her music and the haunt of the voice, I know that I have done for my audience what Ms. Nicks does for hers…and that, my dear Gypsies, makes this all worthwhile!

Thank you Ms. Nicks for all the music you have given to us to share with the world…for those who hurt, cry, laugh and love…to you …and to the Gypsies…that Remain…I share with you her world…

Watch Claudette, “Stevie Nicks”, and the ultimate Fleetwood Mac tribute band performed “Say That You Love Me”.

Night of 1000 Stevies 2016 debut performer CLAUDETTE RODRIGUES of FLEETWOOD MASK, flew all the way from San Francisco to bring down the house with her Total Stevie Realness. Magickal!

The Midland, Texas Experience Giving Tribute to Fleetwood Mac

We were met at the Midland/Odessa Airport by Ron (Board of Directors of the Aphasia Center, West Texas). He took us to the Double Tree where we had some lunch and “downtime.” It wasn’t long before the Mask head out for a little exploration.

A short walk down the street took us to The Wall Street Bar and Grill and hung out at the bar with owner, Bob and some other colorful locals. We met Suzy, a photographer, who ended up taking wonderful pictures for us at the event.

After a bit, went and grabbed a cab and found a local music store and poked around. We met the music store neighbors, a savings and loan, I think, who recognized us from the newspaper ads for the event. Sam, our cabbie, took us to a liquor store where we bought way too much beer and a bottle of Texas Crown – Jack Daniels and Crown Royal, a paper cup disintegrating blend.

Ron picked us up at 4:30 and went to the Aphasia Center for a tour with Kathryn and Kitty. We learned all about the condition – an injury to the left side of the brain due to stroke, illness or accident effecting language (speaking and comprehension). Thoughts, emotions, memory, motor function are all in tact but the use of language and understanding of language is lost. This condition is easily misunderstood for drunkenness, mental illness, or senility, etc. It is a heartbreaking, isolating, and life changing/ending condition. We were all so blown away by this and the work they do at the center to rehabilitate these people beyond the limits of insurance. This was a game changer for us.

At first we were just excited about playing out of state but once we realized that the whole point of this free concert was for Aphasia awareness, it became all the more rich and meaningful.

Afterwards, Ron took us to The Bar where we met his lovely wife Carolyn and their friends Nancy and Skeet (Skeet is not short for anything – that’s his name) then out for a nice dinner at Mexican Restaurant. Ron dropped us back at the Double Tree where we hung out in Mark’s room for beer, Texas Crown and “Cards Against Humanity” knocking us back down to “horrible people who play that game!”

Next day was lunch with Ron and Carolyn at KD’s Barbeque, then to sound check at 2, back to the DT for pre-gig prep, i.e. Cards Against Humanity, some chow and then . . . . show time for a football field sized crowd in the neighborhood of 1,000 enthusiastic West Texans where we shared our love of the music of Fleetwood Mac and newly gained knowledge of The Aphasia Center.

We were also interviewed on LIVE radio with DJ DD Lonetree. She was a kick! The people of Midland are warm, friendly and gracious. We had an amazing time!

Will we go back? Haaaael Yes we will!

Fleetwood Mask Plays for The Home Town Crowd

Fleetwood Mask is busily putting together a special show for the home town crowd as it celebrates the 40th anniversary of the “white” Fleetwood Mac album which featured the newest members of the band – Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks. After this 1975 album went to number one, the band emerged as rock superstars and never looked back. Hear the Fleetwood Mac tribute band Fleetwood Mask play all the seminal hits from this classic album and more. Don’t miss this show!

Danville, Friday June 12, 8 pm

Get your tickets soon so you can take advantage of the extra benefits from our friends in downtown Danville. Bring your ticket to Norm’s Bar & Grill and you will get a complimentary pre-show appetizer when you purchase an adult beverage. Then head to Meenar’s where that ticket will get you into the after party. We’re going to celebrate all night long!

See Fleetwood Mask performance calendar playing the ultimate Fleetwood Mac tribute band music.