From Behind the Drum Kit…Tribute to Fleetwood Mac

It’s dark, the crowd is humming, the pre show music is playing, the Mask is ready……I step out from behind the stage and proceed to my office for the next two hours. Excitement runs through my veins as I get settled into my throne, hook up my in ear monitors and grab a pair of sticks.


I begin the steady kick drum beat for the beginning of the classic Fleetwood Mac tune, The Chain. Like a thumping heart, the beat rhythmically keeps pace and I stroke the chimes which add their mystical ringing to the sounds emanating from the stage….the guitar kicks in and adds its raw power to the sound and then the vocals start…CLASSIC MAC!

I have been “Behind the Mask” for over three years now and I never get tired of playing Fleetwood Mac’s incredible music. Mick Fleetwood has laid down some of the most interesting drum beats to the most popular music in rock history. And I get the privilege of recreating his drum techniques and style (with a little Don thrown in here and there) every time Fleetwood Mask takes the stage.

Being behind the band gives me a unique perspective to what is happening in the crowd, on the stage and behind my drum kit. I SEE EVERYTHING!! That experience is nothing short of spectacular and I love seeing the crowd get into the music, singing along with the songs they know by heart…perhaps remembering the first time they heard Rhiannon, listening to Dreams on their turntable (remember those relics of a different age?), dancing to Monday Morning, or getting up the courage to tell a boyfriend or girlfriend to “Go Your Own Way”!

Fleetwood Mac’s music is both timeless and wonderful. The sign of great music is that it endures the test of time and sounds just as fresh as the day it was released. Think of the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, the list goes on and on…and Fleetwood Mac owns the 8th bestselling album of ALL time, 34.0 million copies sold worldwide…RUMOURS, Amazing music by amazingly talented musicians.

Hope to see you at a MASK show soon….I will be looking for you from behind the drum kit….BEHIND THE MASK!!

Don aka Mick Fleetwood

Happy Thanksgiving!

Over the River and Through the Wood to a Fleetwood Mask Show we Go!!

Summer weather has FINALLY left us and it’s time for the autumnal colors and change of season! Thanksgiving is our favorite holiday because it’s all about being together, EATING and MUSIC!

Upcoming Performances

Rockbar Theatre

Fri Nov 13, An Evening with Fleetwood Mask, Show time is 9:00PM, doors open at 7:00 pm. 360 Saratoga Avenue, San Jose, CA 95129.
Come on down to San Jose.  We’ve been there before so you should KNOW THE WAY!

Click here for tickets.


Sat Nov 14, Show time is 6:30 pm, doors open5:30 pm, 2708 J Street, Sacramento, CA 95816.
Founded in 1982, Harlow’s is Sacramento’s favorite entertainment venue, featuring prominent, nationally renowned musicians as well as acclaimed local acts performing in a casual art deco setting.

West Side Theatre

Nov 21, Show time is 8:pm, doors open at 7:00 pm,  1331 Main St. Newman, CA 95360.
The West Side Theatre is a beautifully renovated 1940’s movie palace that hosts many events and musical entertainment.  We are so looking forward to returning to this lovely venue and it’s lovely people.

Slim’s San Francisco

Sat Nov 28, Show time is 9PM; 333 Eleventh Street, San Francisco, CA 94103.
This is our first San Francisco appearance and we’re so happy to be joining our friends Petty Theft!  You’ll want to dance off those Thanksgiving indulgences with us so don’t miss this night out in the Big City!

Click here for tickets

Hard Rock Casino

Sat Dec 5 Hard Rock Hotel Lake Tahoe, 50 Highway 50 Stateline, Nevada
Grab your skis and snowboards because its snowing! You can boogie with us AND boogie the slopes!

New Year’s Eve, Private Party