“The Only Thing Constant is Change” – Heraclitus

“The Only Thing Constant is Change” – Heraclitus

No truer words have ever been spoken.  As we move through life, situations change, we lose old friends and gain new friends,  we move where we live, we lose loved ones and new babies are born.  It is the cycle of life and it definitely has a rhythm. It is no different in a band.  And it is no different in Fleetwood Mask.

As many of you may know, Mark Blasquez (Our Lindsey Buckingham) has decided to leave Fleetwood Mask. He has been in the band for four years and has been integral in helping to transform Fleetwood Mask into a National Touring Band. The task of commuting to and from Southern California to the Bay Area and beyond has taken its toll on Mark and he has decided to make an adjustment.

Interstate 5 can humble the most seasoned commuter and add a 5 hour performance (set-up/performance/tear down) at the end of this⇾⇾⇾⇾⇾⇾⇾⇾
and you start to understand why Mark has decided to adjust his lifestyle!!

As hard as it is to lose Mark and his leadership, sense of humor and talent, this change opens new opportunities for both Mark and Fleetwood Mask.  Paul, Barb, Claudette, Jason and I will miss Mark immensely, but are happy for him and look forward to the next chapter in the band’s development.

We are currently auditioning new guitarists’ to assume the Lindsey role and are happy with our progress.  We are taking our time to ensure we have the “right” individual to fill this critical position in the band.  Of course the music is amazing and we are honored to be paying tribute to Fleetwood Mac and it is in that spirit that we must find the “perfect” fit.  Much of the magic of a Fleetwood Mask show is the camaraderie that the band has on stage and projects to the audience.  This has been and will continue to be our main focus so that we can continue to be the “Ultimate Tribute to Fleetwood Mac” and worthy of our fans admiration and devotion!

Mark’s final performance with Fleetwood Mask will be Saturday, July 13th at the Woodland Opera House in Woodland, CA.

This is a great location to see a Fleetwood Mask show and it is sure to be an amazing evening!  Mark is going to create the set-list for the show and I am sure there will be plenty of surprises!

Please come on out to Woodland Opera House and join us for a great evening of music, memories and fun.

Tickets on sale NOW!  Click on this TICKETS link to get your seats!