Over and Over

“Could you ever need me, and would you know how, yeah, to stop time, tell me now.
All ya have to do, is speak out my name, yeah, and I will come running any way.”

These are words from Christine McVie’s song called “Over and Over” from the Tusk album. These lyrics, like so many of her lyrics, are heart felt, empathetic, sympathetic, comforting, and encouraging. Let’s face it folks – these are hard and bizarre times. When we’re feeling down and alone we turn to our friends, communities, be together, and take comfort in each other’s company, and hug it out. Well, we can’t really do that right now. We don’t get to go to see our favorite sports teams, go to the movies or see and hear our favorite bands. We long for community, the sights and sounds of friends, and rockin’ out getting lost in the music.

For those of us in the entertainment business, we are really missing our friends and fans. And quite frankly, we are also missing the employment aspect of the business – no, it’s not all about money – but the industry is suffering for sure. Let’s keep this industry in our thoughts and reassure the venues, producers, agents, stage crews, sound technicians, musicians, and all involved that we’re going to jump back in and sell out shows and make people happy. Let’s also keep all the essential people who risk their lives every day out in public so we have access to what we need.

Fleetwood Mask is doing its part to keep us and all of you safe. We are staying home and we ALL need to stay home so that we can get through this sooner than later. I woke up this morning and my first thought “it’s Saturday! It’s a PLAY day!” Second thought “nope.” Our message to all y’all is that we love you, we miss you, we want you to be safe and stay healthy, and we look forward when we can all be together again doing what we do – We bring the music of Fleetwood Mac, you feed us with your love, joy and enthusiasm, and we all make wonderful memories together.

Please enjoy a little musical offering from myself and Fleetwood Mask. Nothing fancy – just me and my keys singing and playing “Over and Over.” I did get out of my pjs and took a shower:)

Sending much love and virtual hugs!!

Barbara Martin
Christine McVie of Fleetwood Mask

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