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Over and Over

“Could you ever need me, and would you know how, yeah, to stop time, tell me now. All ya have to do, is speak out my name, yeah, and I will come running any way.” These are words from Christine McVie’s song called “Over and Over” from the Tusk album. These lyrics, like so many […]

Chasing The Elusive And Exclusive “Lindsey” Sound

“Wanna join a Fleetwood Mac tribute band endorsed by Mick Fleetwood?” The words seemed unreal. My mind needed extra time to calculate. 40 years of Fleetwood Mac + Lindsey Buckingham fandom and now this? It was a totally surreal moment. The next thoughts quickly flooding in were wholly dedicated to what needed to be done […]

Second Hand Newsletter

Happy Spring 2019!  As we write this newsletter it is late April 2019 and the band has been busy getting set up for what is shaping up to be an incredible Summer!  Read on to see what we have been up to and as always, let us know what you think! Click on the image […]

Fleetwood Mask Throws a Holiday Party!

Fleetwood Mask performs it’s 1st Holiday Concert! Celebrate the Holidays with Fleetwood Mask! We are putting together a very special show that is sure to delight. There will be your Fleetwood Mac favorites as well as a few Holiday Classics with a Fleetwood Mask twist. Special guests will join us on stage and this is […]

Mick Fleetwood Pens Limited Edition Memoir

Mick Fleetwood Pens Limited Edition Memoir LOVE THAT BURNS: A Chronicle of Fleetwood Mac, 1967-1974 is a new book by our favorite drummer detailing the seven-year period before Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham joined the band. It’s an era of great music; songs like “Black Magic Woman” and “Oh Well” defined the formative years with […]

Critiquing the Critique – 40 Years Later

Critiquing the Critique – 40 Years Later ….celebrating the Rumours album’s 40th anniversary As the new member of Fleetwood Mask, I’ve been doing a bit of historical research in addition to the musical due diligence required to learn all the songs. Perusing rollingstone.com, whose “artist” section is like a vintage shop full of decades-old articles […]