Fleetwood Mask the ultimate Fleetwood Mac tribute band

Seriously? Thats Not Stevie? That’s Crazy!

Dawn P.

Sofia Theater, Sacramento 2018

Mick is Right! The look AND the sound! No one even comes CLOSE and I have seen 4 other Mac / Stevie Nicks tributes!

Marilette Z.

Montgomery Village, Santa Rosa 2018

When the original band retires, Fleetwood Mask can take their spot that’s how good you guys are! Thanks for a great show at the Sofia Theater!

Bill M.

Sofia Theater/ 2018

Christine Mc Vie Character is a dead ringer!

Danielle S.

Sofia Theater 2018

I was at a Fleetwood Mask concert recently and I was beyond impressed.

I’ve loved Stevie Nicks for 45 years and I’m a tough critic. I’ve watched YouTube videos of many other Fleetwood Mac cover bands and none of them are in the same league as you.

Not only do you look and sound like Stevie, but you’ve got her gestures and facial expressions. It’s only something true fans would be able to notice. I never thought I could like a cover band of Stevie but you really won me over. Looking forward to seeing you in Mill Valley this Saturday.

Thank you for everything you put into your performances.


Simply the Best

What Fleetwood Mask fans are saying about this ultimate Fleetwood Mac tribute band:

  • Damn that chic looks and sounds EXACTLY like Stevie!!  She nailed it hardcore! ~ Dan A.
  • This group really nails the FM sound and look! impressive!! ~ Blue Bird
  • Just awesome. WOW…What a great “Stevie”…. S &S
  • Looks like Stevie Nicks in a new band! Amazing!! ~ R.W.
  • Lots of fun smile emoticon. Really great vocals. Spot On!! ~ R.E.S.
  • Wow! The place was packed!!!! ~ G.M.R.
  • I saw just now the MICK FLEETWOOD endorsement on your video, how AWESOME is that?? DOUBLE COOLNESS!!! LOL! LOVE IT. ~ B.J.
  • It was an absolutely amazing gig with perfect weather and a fantastic crowd!!!! ~ D.B.
  • What a great band!!!!Greeaat time!!! ~ P.Z.
  • It Was A Great Show As Always ! ~ D.H.
  • They were, as usual, terrific at this show. ~ J.S.
  • Watch out Stevie!! ~ D.D.

You guys were great at Vezer! Your lead gal looks just like Stevie and love the guitar player! You guys all rock!

K.L. a fan at Vezer winery 5-2017

About the show at Yoshi’s: “From my perspective the perfect concert performance!! I really liked the gentle opening and all the way thru to encore!! Bravo FWM !!!”

Leo, CA

Hi Claudette, Just stumbled upon your band cuz my nephew Michael is one of the guitarists in Petty Theft. I just love what you guys are doing. Your voice is amazingly like Stevie’s and you are a great performer, really have her down. What a fun band to get to be in, playing the best music IMO, …… Keep rockin’ girl! : )

~ L.C B Napa , CA

I listened to about 5 Fleetwood Mac tribute bands, and this band have something the other bands do not have, they have a singer that sounds a lot like Stevie Nicks, of course there is only one Stevie, yet Claudette has the Nicks sound.

~ Kevin K., CA

Fleetwood Mask is the best. They ARE the closest to the real thing! A true Fleetwood Mac tribute band who does the Mac proud, a true talent, a true class act.♡

~ M.P

I don’t know if you see I follow a tribute band called Fleetwood Mask. Their Stevie, Claudette Rodrigues, is a dead ringer in looks and voice, the whole band recreates the Mac. If they come around your area, you MUST check them out if you love Stevie or FM. The band has been endorsed by Mick Fleetwood himself. The group is gaining a large following.

Donna L. - July 2017

Hello, Did you play outside at Cisco’s Levi Stadium event last night? I’m a ginormous Fleetwood Mac tribute band fan and I swore I was hearing the real FM play live! If it was your band… you killed it! I want to see you come to the Mystic theatre in Petaluma, Rancho Nicascio, Fairfax CA music clubs, The San Geronimo Valley Community Center to name a few potential venues. Thanks for keeping alive such great music. Warm regards, Good job mates!

D.A. @ Forest Knolls, CA

My wife and I were there and Fleetwood Mask does not disappoint! We had a great time! We also saw them last year at Meridian and hopefully will see them there next year. Thank you for making our Date Night a success!

R.C. @ Meridian Idaho Show

Fleetwood Mac Tribute Band Performance
Fleetwood Mac Tribute Band Performance

You five are extraordinary, very entertaining, and extremely talented. We attended the Reno show this past Sat. night and were completely blown away as was everyone else. Saw you guys afterward at Rosie’s Cafe in the Nugget casino having a well-deserved bite and drink after the show and I shouted out thanks for the awesome show! Unified, you all graciously replied thank you, and I replied see you at the Hop Monk in Novato on 04-29 cause I have to check you folks again as well as all the friends I’ve told about you folks so look for a solid Sonoma / Marin County turnout on 04-29! Thank you again so very much for sharing you talent with us. Cheers.


“OH MY! We haven’t heard a crowd go that crazy in 4 years of music promotion!”  ~ on Fleetwood Mask performance in Lafayette, CA

Tom Stack

Lafayette Town Hall Theatre

I was there!!!! It was a great show!! Thanks again


“By far this band is among the best when it comes to tributes. We were blown away by every note”

Felton Trout Farm

Looks so much like Stevie !! ~ about Claudette of Fleetwood Mask as Stevie Nicks from Fleetwood Mac


“I can tell you that the town is a buzz this morning about your show. Y’ALL ROCKED IT! “
Dedi Rountree

West Texas Radio, Midland, TX

Claudette Rodrigues is the best Stevie – voice and looks!


What an amazing story to share… Claudette is the bestest Stevie who isn’t Stevie ,I’ve ever seen…. and I boast her praises, and the whole band’s, every chance I get…


We caught your show at The Legends Theatre in Route 66 Casino. Great Show! Thanks for entertaining us! ~ a Fleetwood Mask fan enjoying the music of Fleetwood Mac


Fleetwood Mask performing Fleetwood Mac music for fans in California

This comes no where close to the greatness that is Fleetwood Mask!! Had such a amazing time being their ‘personal photographer’!! So in love with these amazing artist!!


What a great concert! I think everyone had a great time. You and the whole Fleetwood Mask band are so nice, loved hearing the stories from Claudette that she shared after the show. We got our picture taken with them too. Its always so nice to work with people that are gracious and you all certainly were and I hope you will come back!!!!!!

Thank you again for a great evening.

~ after Fleetwood Mask performance at Woodland ~

Cathy Oliver

Manager, Woodland Opera House

“I haven’t seen so many people dancing in Pacific Grove at a concert, ever!”

Marc Paulhus

Emcee and President, Foundation of Performing Arts Center Pacific Grove

We had a great time you ,made it really special to us all by letting us take pictures with you after the show. Leslie will cherish the ticket you signed for many years to come. The sooner you all get back to Albuquerque the better, when you we will be there! Thank You…..

~ after Fleetwood Mask band performing Fleetwood Mac music at Albuquerque ~




You guys Rock spot on! Keep it up! Terri is correct, the members of the Mask are very sweet people.


You sound SO good!!!!!!


Awesome show. The band was off the hook spot on. Haven’t dance that much in years. A special shout out to the main singer. Looks & sounds like Stevie Nicks. Chisty McVie singer also did a great job. Totally awesome show.


You guys rock!


Great Fleetwood Mac tribute band!!!


Enjoyed your show in Angels Camp


Fleetwood Mask, they are so so so good!!! The Fleetwood Mac music is perfect. Thanks!!! I look forward to more concerts, I had a great time!


You are awesome Claudette.


Claudette bringing it ~ about Claudette’s performance as Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mask


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